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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long will delivery take?

We deliver products to customers all over Nigeria. Lagos 2-5, Rivers 3-7, Abuja 3-8 & other states 4-9 days.

Why does the estimated delivery time vary?

E-S Blacksmith is a true online marketplace across the country. This means that not all products on E-S Blacksmith are sold or delivered by E-S Blacksmith. In addition, E-S Blacksmith buyers and sellers are found in every state in Nigeria. Given the various factors involved (the time it takes a seller to ship, the courier company used, the distance between buyer and seller, and more) delivery times may vary.

Who will deliver my order?

Your order may be delivered by ES Blacksmith Logistic, by other courier companies, or by the seller or the seller’s agents, depending on whether the item was sold by ES Blacksmith or a third-party seller and on the delivery method chosen by a third-party seller. You may be called prior to or on the same day as delivery to see if you are available to receive your order.

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