We are developing to be Nigeria No. 1 lead general fabrication and construction company providing our clients with online and on-site reach with the best designs E-S Blacksmith artwork while maintaining afford ability with a smart, searchable website with price tag here at our fabrication e-commerce store (www.esblacksmith.com.ng).

To deliver high-quality products and services on time with a great customer support and within budget which exceed that of our competitors while also providing a fast system for ordering online.

Our Company is driven by passion, professional and fully skilled workforce with constant and absolute focus on services, quality, excellence in creative art work designs, workmanship and delivery. Quick delivery of projects is our backbone to continued success.

To explore E-S blacksmith fabrication.

Mr. Emeka J. Emuji
CEO / Founder

Mrs. Emuji Happy

Mr. Adilike Timothy
Project Manager

Mr. Amaechi L.U
General Manager